Lesson on your horse? Yes we do that! Lesson on a lesson horse for all ages from 5+? Yes!!! We do that too!


Lesson on your horse
Yes, we can work with your horse...but, honestly, at the end of the day YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO AS WELL! Right? That's where Mathias Equine Lessons come in. Whether you want confidence in the saddle, working towards a goal for you and your horse, perfecting your seat and position, or a better understanding of your relationship with your horse WE CAN HELP.

2017 Lesson Rates

$45.00 per hour lesson


Prepay and buy 4 or more lessons in a package and SAVE!
$40 per hour lesson

*$10 trip fee may apply if going beyond our 20 mile radius


Riding lessons on lesson horses
We offer a program tailored to the individual goal of the rider. Miss riding? Ride once a week? Child looking for a fun sport to develop balance, skills and confidence? Our lesson program is unique in that we tailor your lessons to you...your goal, your ideals and help you get from your lesson EXACTLY what you want. Our children's program uses games and fun times to gain skills, confidence and balance in a low pressure, safe and fun environment. English or Western is available and great for trying new disciplines or gainining additional skills. The students learn to groom, tack up and learn to care for the horse if needed. Additional fees apply for use of lesson horse. Call us today with your questions and scheduling! All that is needed is safe footwear, long pants and weather appropriate clothing! We love riding and truly love to share our passion.