Tim Mathias
Specializing in starting and working with troubled horses, issue specific training, groundwork and manners. Tim works with all breeds and classes of horses from the backyard companion and trail horse to the seasoned Dressage or Hunter Horse.

Bio: Tim Mathias is back in Ohio after spending two years in Colorado, and two years in Montana working on ranches and packing. While there Tim had the opportunity to work with a varied array of seasoned horsemen and horses alike. Riding 8-10 horses a day, preparing and training horses for the guest season, leading guest rides and pack trips through the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area of millions of acres of untamed land. Often riding 10-12 hours a day, Tim is a time and terrain tested, true horseman.

In November 2012, The Ohio State University Equine asked Tim to become part of a very important team of vets, owners and caregivers in the rehabilitation of Northstar. This highly publicized horse was deliberately set on fire while in his pasture in Pennsylvania. After three months at Ohio State, the Home of Joy was contacted to provide a lay up facility where he could be cared for locally under the watchful eye of Ohio State Vet Sam Hurcombe. Tim Mathias was put in charge as Team Leader and in charge of bandage changes, medication and Northstar's day to day care and well being. Read more about this brave horse on The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center website by clicking here.

Tim attended Hocking College and graduated with a degree in Equine Sciences and Wilderness Horsemanship. Certificates for Farrier Science and Business, Packing, Colt Starting, Driving and Trail Maintenance. Tim spent a year interning with the Farrier Science Instructor traveling and working on clients horses.


Arianna Mathias
Specializing in lessons and training for all ages with an emphasis on balanced riding in Dressage and Hunter/Jumpers. Arianna works will all breeds and classes of horses from the backyard companion and trail horse to the seasoned Dressage or Hunter Horse.

Bio: Arianna has 27 years riding/training/working in the equine industry. My life long experience ranges from Open Shows in both English and Western,Showmanship. Dressage, Hunters, Jumpers and Eventing. I was a member of the United States Pony Club and progressed through the ranks. I was also member of the Sweet Briar Intercollegiate Equestrian Team and competed in HUS, Equitation and Jumpers. I have been fortunate to ride with some of the top US riders in my career. I have attended and ridden in clinics with Karen and David O’Connor, Jimmy Wofford, Dorothy Crowell, Diana Rich, and Lucinda Green. I completed a season internship as a working student at the European Warmblood Stallion Zentrum and assisted in the breeding, classical riding and training process of young stock from some of the top European bloodlines under the direction of Ulrich Frei. I discovered my passion for instruction 20 years ago through Pony Club. I have taught beginner through Intermediate lessons privately, at riding academies throughout the Eastern United States, and also was a instructor for the Ohio University PE program.

Safety is paramount when I teach. I also strongly believe in a soft, working relationship between you and your horse. A relationship built on trust and understanding. I also believe in a well rounded rider who excels both in the saddle and has a good working knowledge of horse care and stable management (blame the Pony Club roots!). My teaching philosophy is simple...break down the training process into steps that both you and your horse understand. Eliminate fear and confusion and allow the partnership of rider and horse to evolve. I teach fundamentals rooted in dressage and strive for a soft, supple working relationship with your horse. Allowing and teaching the horse to work correctly in movement and anatomy through cooperation and acceptance by your horse. I also accept horses for training and conditioning.